Vehicle Remapping Scotland

Are you based within Scotland and looking to get your vehicle remapped? Then look no further! Here at Krypto Mapping we only offer the best vehicle tuning options in the country!

With being one of the few mobile remapping services in Scotland, we are able to supply a great deal of customer satisfaction across the nation.

Why Choose Us?

Krypto Mapping working with Viezu brings you the V-Box Tuning Box.

The V-Box tuning boxes are the most advanced in the market. They are fully programmable and actually hold an ECU remap on the tuning box itself so it works just like a full ECU remap, just without programming the vehicle's own ECU.


This means the V-Box tuning boxes deliver amazing results for both cars and vans, and just like ECU remapping software, we can tune your vehicle for power, performance, fuel economy or a perfect blend. Don't fit any tuning box - fit the best!


All V-Boxes are plug-and-play - we install and set the ECU remap on to the device for you so there is no soldering, cutting or complicated fitting instructions like some petrol/diesel tuning boxes. Our tuning boxes simply plug in so home installation is very easy - we can ship your tuning box to you wherever you are in the world.